Azioni e Risultati

La seguente tabella illustra i risultati del progetto task per task.

Code Title Expected Results Achieved Results
  1. A.Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or action plans:
A1 Project start up and launch. Kick off meeting Project Action Plan Report. Creation of the three Committee (PCC, SCC, DMC) - Project Action Plan Report.
A2 The Communication Plan. Communication Plan Report. Official press conference - project dissemination plan report - conference poster – workshop.
A3 Stakeholder network establishment. Stakeholder network establishment. Creation of the stakeholder network: they support the ARION Project. Different categories of stakeholders have signed the protocol of conduct.
A4 The Training Course. A well trained staff that knows to apply the Concrete Conservation Actions. The Training Course with 13 participants has been organized in DM‑GE. The Manual training courses for personnel involved in the risk mitigation actions has been prepared and printed.
A5 Protocol of Conduct definition. Protocol of Conduct Manual. The protocol of conduct is defined and it is enclosed to the ordinance 103/2014 by DM-GE.
A6 Conduct protocol diffusion. Open Meetings Report. 5000 copies of the final PoC, have been printed. They will be delivered to project area visitors during the patrolling activity.
  1. B.Purchase/lease of land and/or rights: NOT APPLICABLE
  2. C.Concrete conservations actions:
C1 The Creation of a Virtual Corridor for Monitoring and Surveillance. The capability to detect and track dolphins and boats in the project area. Creation of the Virtual Corridor and the Surveillance System in Operation since June 2014.
C2 The Prompt Risk Mitigation. The reduction of the prompt risk. The Alarm Occurrence during 24 months operation is 4084.
C3 The Long Term Threat Reduction. A better regulation that will guarantee a durable lower level of risk. Guidelines and Best Practices for Threat Reduction have been presented to the national authorities and MPA Portofino Board.
C4 Direct warning and risk reduction. Report of warning and prevention activities over 24 months.

Preliminary analysis about the risk sources and their trend in the scientific area.

Periodical patrolling activities occur in the scientific area.

  1. D.Public awareness and dissemination of results
D1 Layman's Report. Layman's Report. 100 printed copies.
D2 Periodic Report to the Public of the Status Progress of the Project. Periodic Report to the Public of the Status Progress. Official press conference - newspaper and radio interviews - project notice boards – workshop.
D3 Video Production. Video (400 copies). Video completed and printed.
D4 Leaflets and Brochures Publication. 1 Brochure and 1 Leaflets (5000 copies each). Brochures with final PoC are printed.
D5 Final Workshop for Project Results Dissemination. Final Workshop Proceedings. On September 28 and 29, 2015, in Portofino (GE), it was made the Final conference of the ARION Project.
D6 Web site. Project Web-site. Project web site (this site) is online, contents evolves with the project. Specific pages showing the updated situation of the MPA areas with alarms are made available through external channels (e.g. Navimeteo monitors) mobile app is available on android and apple iOS markets.
D7 Divulgation in Tourist Ports. 5 Information Points (Totem). The final graphic layout has been designed and the totem will be installed in summer.
D8 Guidelines and User Manual. Final Guideline and User Manual for System Replication in Other MPA. The user manual has been edited.
D9 Poster and Scientific Publications. 2 Posters and 1 Paper for year. 8 scientific posters in international conferences, 4 talks.
D10 Lectures and Seminars. 3 Lecture Proceedings. 12 lectures and seminars.
  1. E.Overall project operation and monitoring
E1 Overall Project Administration. Periodical Reports due to the European Commission and Financial Reports. Consortium Agreements, Quality Assurance Plan, partners collaborations tools set up, Progress Reports, Final Reports, Monitoring Plan, After Life Results Use Plan.
E2 Scientific and Technical Project Coordination. Final Management Report; After Life Conservation Plan.

Fulfilment of the timetable

Optimization of the system performances

After Life Conservation Plan production.

E3 Quality Assurance and Project Document Management. Quality Plan. Software and website for management of project results and reporting to the etc.
E4 Monitoring of Project. Final Result Assessment.

A reference document containing methodologies and tools for the evaluation of the project.

A continuous evolution report on the project progress and results.

E5 External Audit. External Audit. Assignment entrusted to Dott. Ing. Carlo G. Bagnera, which prepared the Audit Report by the end of January 2016.
E6 After Life Conservation Plan. Protection system operation after project completion. After Life Conservation Plan includes the protection system operation after project completion.


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