Dipartimento di Fisica (DiFi), Universita' di Genova

Until the late '40s, at the University of Genoa, there was only the Institute of Experimental Physics; Since 1950, the Institute of Theoretical Physics joined it. After various vicissitudes, in 1971 the Institute of Physical Sciences was established, uniting the hitherto established professorships at several institutions.

The Department of Physics (DiFi) was created in 1984 as a natural sequence of the Institute of Physical Sciences, in conjunction with the move to new premises in Via Dodecanese 33.

 The Department of Physics of the University of Genoa is comopsed of a 9 floors building with a total floor area of approximately 14000 m2 (including research laboratories, workshops and basic technical services, classrooms, library).





Research and studies on cetaceans conducted by the Department of Biology (Now DISTAV) have a long history. They are the result of a wide range of both scientific and cultural experiences organized on different themes, but consistently anchored to the biology and environment of the Mediterranean Sea. Research on cetaceans of the Working Group, relating to the teaching of Biology and Monitoring of Cetaceans, began in 1983.



Softeco Sismat SpA


Established in 1979, Softeco Sismat S.p.A. is a leading Company in the Information and Communication Technology market. Thanks to its specific applicative and technological competence, Softeco Sismat is present on the market as a supplier of innovative solutions allowing its customers to exploit the potential offered by Information Technology and Internet.


Softeco Sismat carries out important IT and industrial projects by integrating systems, networks, products and technologies, supplementing its offer with the supply of technical and management consulting, as well as specialized services and training.



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